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Resignation dates for schools in the UK

Resignation dates
Resignation dates in the UK

Teachers moving school
Because the dates for Easter move each year, if a teacher resigns at the end of the Spring term and takes up another teaching post in a different local authority, then they will be paid up to the day before their new school opens for the Summer term if it is earlier than 1st May.

Teachers leaving teaching
If a teacher, who is leaving teaching, resigns at the end of the Spring term, the school could expect the teacher to be available for work up to 30th April given that they would be paid for the whole month. If the replacement teacher starts after the Easter holiday, it may be possible for the exiting teacher to leave before the Easter holiday. You would need to discuss this with your school.

Letter of Resignation

If you want to leave your school then you will need a letter of resignation. My advice is don’t burn your bridges, no matter how annoyed you are as you may rely on them for a reference in the future. Here’s mine from a school I worked at for 15 years. When I started. it was a great school. Fifteen years later, it had become a cesspit of narcissism and toxicity:

Letter of resignation

However, David Fountain (who has lots of useful information about pensions at has noted that some have found that their school’s HR don’t understand the teachers’ contract, or worse still deliberately interpret including the last day of work (e.g. 20th July in my resignation letter) as a ‘request’ to end your employment early, and therefore try to get away with NOT paying the full year’s wage (i.e. no pay in August!).

His advice is to just put that your last date of employment is 31 August. That way there is no possible misinterpretation. He suggests something like this:


As discussed last week please accept this as my notice of resignation in accordance with my contract where my last day of employment with you will be 31 August 2022.

(Then add any flowery complimentary phrases and thanks as you feel appropriate, or not)

Yours sincerely

Regarding including a few “home truths” in resignation letters, David says:

“Whilst this may be tempting it is worth remembering that your resignation letter will go into your personnel file/record and it may be many years down the line, when a reference is required, that it is seen again. The point then being that the Head with whom you had problems may have moved on and that letter may be one of the only things that whoever is writing your reference has to work with. If the letter contains said “home truths” they may consider it a reflection on the writer rather than the recipient and so I would always advocate the letter having a few thank yous and no negativity.”

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