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What Else Can You Do? – Other Jobs You Can Do

One of the most frustrating things about leaving teaching is that you will probably have no idea about what other jobs are out there. This page helps shed some light on what other jobs you can do apart from teaching. Click on the links to find out further information. If you want to know where to find these jobs, go to my Job Hunting section.

What Other Teachers Did Instead

Some ex-teachers have shared with me on my Facebook page what they do now. I have collated these true stories about what other teachers did instead on my What other teachers did instead page:

What ex-teachers do now

Jobs where a teaching qualification is desirable

Trainer for Apprenticeships

Online Tutor

eLearning Specialist

Educational Sales

Educational Content Writer

Learning & Development Training Officer

Curriculum Development Manager

Public Sector Jobs

Trainer for Apprenticeships

In May 2017, the UK government changed the way apprenticeship funding worked. The result of this has been that many training providers have been recruiting trainers who are both skilled and experienced staff from industry and who have also gained teaching qualifications. If you are wanting to become a trainer for apprenticeships then you will need to ensure that your own occupational competence and knowledge are up-to-date.

When I left teaching, I trained as an Assessor and gained a Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement (CAVA). Because of my background, I began assessing for apprenticeships in Creative & Digital Media and, later, in Digital Marketing. Since apprenticeships changed in May 2017, the role of assessor has changed. There is now more emphasis on being able to structure learning and to teach, which is why a teaching qualification is desirable. I talk more about this in My Story.


e-Learning Specialist

You may also jobs in e-Learning advertised as:

  • Learning Designer
  • Instructional Designer
  • Learning Technologist
  • Learning and Technology Officer
  • Academic/Educational Developer
  • Learning and Technology Officer
  • TEL Developer (TEL stands for Technology Enhanced Learning).

These kind of jobs require relevant technical knowledge or experience and so you would need to have experience of using learning resources on Learning Management Systems e.g. Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, etc. and maybe experience of designing and delivering a range of learning solutions using software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Articulate Storyline or Adobe Captivate. A teaching qualification is frequently mentioned in person specifications for these roles as an understanding of pedagogy is an important part of the roles.

“Consult, advise, design, deliver and evaluate learning and development (L&D) solutions and technology based learning capabilities, in accordance with internal and external standards and regulatory requirements, to enable a culture of self-directed learning and to meet business requirements across the organisation.”

A job role purpose I saw advertised for E-Learning Specialist.

In June 2019, I found an advert for a job in this field on I had been wanting to get into this area for a couple of years, so I applied for the job, completing the application form using the STAR technique that I mention on this website at Job Search – Completing Application Forms. I also included a portfolio of my work as a PDF attachment on the online application form.

I was successful in getting an interview and took a day off to brush up on interview technique, using the links that I have on this website at Job Search – Interview Questions. I am very happy to report that I was offered the job and am now a Learning Technologist at a University in the Midlands.

The Association for Learning Technology has a series of blog posts covering different areas of the application and interview process:

Learning Technologist: You’re Hired! Part 1 – Prepare to apply

Learning Technologist: You’re Hired! Part 2 – Your application

Learning Technologist: You’re Hired! Part 3 – Interview preparation

Learning Technologist: You’re Hired! Part 4 – The interview

Learning Technologist: You’re Hired! Part 5 – Post interview and advice

Check out this thread on Reddit. Several people suggested looking at Instructional Design:

Leaving teaching. Need a new profession from r/Teachers

Educational Sales

There are many businesses who sell to schools and colleges, from books to technical equipment and software. It may be possible to get into a job where you are involved in creating content for textbooks. As a teacher, you will have an advantage when it comes to educational sales because you will know what you are talking about and you will see the advantages of the product and therefore know how best to sell them to schools. You may have to do some retraining, for example in sales techniques or other business-related field, but many of these can be learnt in courses online.

Indeed Search: Educational Sales Consultant


Educational Content Writer

Educational Content Writers create and develop educational material for teachers and students, such as textbooks and other classroom resources, such as study guides. I have known several teachers leave teaching to work as content writers for companies such as Pearson Education UK.

Clearly, experience in education is important here and is an option if you enjoy creating learning resources. You must also have a good command of grammar and have the flexibility to adopt your writing style to fit in with different in-house requirements. Meeting deadlines is also very important in this kind of job. As a teacher, you will be excellent at meeting deadlines (marking deadlines, reports, etc.).

Indeed Search: Educational Content Writer


Learning & Development Training Officer/Manager

Teachers have a good understanding of how people learn and this can be useful in the corporate environment in assessing training needs for the organisation and creating learning resources. Learning and development in organisations can include everything from:

  • identifying training needs
  • delivering in-house induction
  • creating e-learning resources and training courses
  • delivering training courses
  • staff training and development

As a teacher, you will have good interpersonal skills and so a teaching qualification is desirable in this kind of role.

Indeed Search: Learning & Development


Curriculum Development Manager

The Curriculum Development Manager is a similar job role to the Learning & Development Training Officer. Job advertisements I have seen for this require experience of designing and developing a curriculum. The teaching and learning experiences are usually coupled with training, so you are also required to have experience of conducting Training Needs Analysis with employers. Have you done this in your school?

Indeed Search: Curriculum Development Manager


Public Sector Jobs

Jobs in the public sector, include the Civil service, Local Government and Council, Central Government, Healthcare, International Development, and Police, Firefighting and Armed Forces. You can find job pages for the NHS and Police on Job Search – Job Hunting.

Civil Service jobs can be found on the GOV.UK site.

Civil Service Jobs
Screenshot from Thinking of Leaving Teaching Facebook page
Comment from Thinking of Leaving Teaching, August 2020

Civil Service applications are moving towards the Success Profile Framework. This is being introduced to attract and retain people of talent and experience from a range of sectors and all walks of life, in line with the commitment in the Civil Service Workforce Plan. There is more information about this on the Jobs in the Civil Service section.


Further Information

Explore: the education industry – a very useful blog from FutureLearn where they look at jobs in the Education Industry, including the range of jobs available, skills required, and how to get your career started. Teaching roles, such as Lecturer and Private Tutor, in addition to Teacher, Education support roles, such as Educational Psychologist, Teaching Lab Technician and Librarian, and Technology roles, such as Learning Technologist (my job!), Educational Software Programmer and Course Designer.

Teaching and Education – The National Careers Service. This lists 55 jobs in the Teaching and Education category where a teaching qualification would be useful.

373 Alternatives for Teachers Tired of Their Classroom Job by James Anthony. This is a useful article for anyone wanting more job ideas. It’s a very good read and also has a free download, “373 Alternative Job Ideas for Teachers”.

In addition, James Anthony also has a link to his book “Classroom Escape” as a free download at the bottom of the article. Check out other articles on his website too.