Thinking of Leaving Teaching?

What Else Can You Do? – Buy a Franchise

Dozens of ex-teachers have shared their stories of leaving teaching with me since 2017, and I have collated these on the What Ex-Teachers Do Now section of this website. Some of these set up their own businesses and now offer franchises.

A franchise is a business opportunity that allows someone (known as the franchisee) to start a business by using the expertise, ideas, and processes of someone else (the franchisor). For example, Jan set up MagiKats, Anne-Marie set up didi dance, Deborah set up The Reading Doctor and Yvette set up @Home Childcare.

Franchises have business models that have been tested and have already proven themselves to be effective and so this increases your chances of success. Because of their history of proven success, getting a franchise business loan is easier than getting a loan to start an independent business. Taking on a franchise is a lower risk way of going self-employed.

Deborah Salsbury on front cover of Franchise World
Ex-primary school teacher, Deborah Salsbury

Ex-primary school teacher, Deborah Salsbury, left teaching to set up her own tutoring franchise, The Reading Doctor, and appeared on the front cover of Franchise World in March 2020. In the following podcast, she talks about how she built her franchised business using her passion and relentless drive to ensure reading success for all.

There are many other franchises available, including English and maths tutoring, science education franchises, computer education franchises and others.

If you’re thinking of leaving teaching then the Thinking of Leaving Teaching Group might be a good place to get some ideas. It is a safe place for people to ask for help and advice, discuss topics and share opinions about jobs you can do if you leave teaching.