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Since lockdown, there has been an increase in remote working and hybrid working that supports a blend of in-office and remote working. Some members of the Thinking of Leaving Teaching? Group have asked what it’s like to work from home and so I have posted my experience and those of others.

Since lockdown, the institute I work for has changed its working practices. I now work almost exclusively from home. I go in perhaps once every 10 weeks, when we have “Away Days” and everyone gets together as a team. After lockdown, I had a partition built in my living room (where the garage would have been when the house was built) to create a dedicated office.

Some people complain about lacking willpower and finding it difficult to stick to a routine, but I am quite disciplined. I make sure that I am always in the office at my desk and logged on by at least 9am. I log off at 5:30pm and close the office door.


  1. No commuting – not having to get up early and spend an hour driving up the M6. I have gained at least 10 hours a week.
  2. Saving money – I save over £2000 a year in fuel.
  3. Productivity – I get more work done compared with going in, because there are no distractions (from people chatting).
  4. Flexibility – I can take breaks whenever I want. Sometimes I will finish off tasks that need to be done around the house.
  5. Music/TV – I can choose to listen to whatever I want
  6. If I make videos calls on Teams, I don’t disturb anyone else and others don’t disturb me. I used to work in an office where everyone would be on calls.


  1. Loneliness – It can get lonely sometimes, especially during the winter months, but I still have online meetings. When it gets warmer, I love being able to have coffee breaks in my garden in the sun.
  2. Wi-Fi – mine was much slower than at work, so I had to upgrade mine. It’s more expensive, but I am saving a lot in travel/fuel to make up for it.
  3. Working from home is making me less healthy. I have an exercise bike in the office but I find it hard to motivate myself to use it during breaks!

Other views on remote working

I work remotely and love it. I was introduced to my colleagues via a team meeting on teams then added to chat so can ask questions or call them and keep in touch through out the day. Works well and no probs after 2 years of remote working 😊

I personally LOVE remote working and others in my team do too. It’s a really useful and time efficient way of maximising your day plus there’s tons of flexibility to work on your terms!

My big advice would be if you’re on a call, make sure you’re present (eg mentally as well as physically). Treat it as a face to face meeting and don’t check emails or phone calls whilst on it. Also don’t be afraid to message a colleague and ask to hope on a call if you get stuck. The biggest thing I’ve found is that as long as you’re engaged in the call, it can work really really well! ☺️

I love it. I agree it can be lonely so my husband comes home most days for lunch. On the days he doesn’t come home, I arrange to have lunch with a colleague over Teams.

When I started my job it was fully remote. I was made to feel so welcome by the team. We use teams and there were regular check ins and I was encouraged to ask questions as well never felt like I didn’t have colleagues.

I struggled tbh at first going from a school of about 1000+ to me and the cat but now I love the flexibility of hybrid working.

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