Thinking of Leaving Teaching?
Thinking of Leaving Teaching - SWOT Analysis

Going Self-Employed – SWOT Analysis

If you are considering leaving teaching and starting your own business then a very useful tool is a SWOT analysis. This is an assessment model used to measure what you, or an organisation, can and cannot do by identifying strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats.

SWOT Analysis

Once you have done a SWOT analysis, you will be in a better position to complete the following essential plans:

  1. a business plan – you’ll need to create vision of who your ideal client is and the goal of your business.
  2. a marketing plan – most people start by creating a Facebook business page. If your business will involve selling goods that look good on photographs, then an Instagram account would be useful. With Instagram, you’ll need to use hashtags to target ideal clients. It would also be advisable to think about a website.