Thinking of Leaving Teaching?

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Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.

Lao Tzu

‘Our mission is to create a global movement of educators who know and take a stand for
their unique value and purpose in order to have the impact they are longing to have.’

Why ‘Purposeful Educators’

In recent research into why teachers are leaving the profession, Jane Berryman explains her findings:

‘Teachers are experiencing a loss of self, causing physical and mental illness, and prompting some to leave the profession.’

Loss of self. That’s a high price to pay. A definition of self is: ‘one’s particular nature or personality; the qualities that make one individual or unique.’ As an educator, you have essential qualities that make your presence and impact unique. When you inhabit these qualities, there is flow, fulfilment and meaning. When you lose this sense, you lose direction, your sense of worth and connection to what brings you joy.

Purposeful Educators exists to create a space where you can rediscover your sense of self within a supportive and courageous community of peers who will cheer you on.

When you have worked in education for a long time, ‘being a teacher’ becomes an intrinsic part of your identity, you might even feel, ‘all I can do is teach.’ You might be in pain from toiling away in a toxic culture which did not value your contribution and efforts. You may be feeling low in self-belief, even a sense of despair.

In the Purposeful Educators community, we create the possibility for you to move from discord, isolation and self-criticism to connection, purpose and leadership. This might mean staying in education on your terms, or moving forward, with conviction, to something new.

What is ‘Purposeful Educators’

We offer personal development programmes and connection to like-minded educators in four ways. We are growing and will respond to your needs.

  1. Enrol on our six week on-line programme of personal development facilitated by a Purposeful Educator coach.
  2. Start the same on-line programme supported by videos and a work-book which you can do in your own time while having access to our community and an hour with a Purposeful Educators coach.
  3. Our free Facebook group, a safe and reflective space where you can share your challenges and successes while supporting others.
  4. Events and retreats, to be together and deepen our understanding of living purposefully.

‘Articulating your purpose and finding the courage to live it—what we call purpose to impact—is the single most important developmental task you can undertake.’

Harvard Business Review


“Purposeful Educators has given me the confidence to be unapologetically myself at a time when I am experiencing change in my career. I know what’s important and the impact I want to create now and in the future.” Amy Carson

I was looking for support in my next steps and what mattered to me. Although we have professional development and appraisals as teachers, we get little opportunity to look within. The course has enabled me to be more discerning to seek what I’m looking for in work and in life. As a group, we continue to champion and challenge each other.” Dan Slevin

This community is right for you if…

  • You feel the profession is making you lose your sense of self and you want to reclaim a richer and more balanced life;
  • You have a vision to create but aren’t sure where to begin;
  • You know there is more out there for you but aren’t clear on what it is yet;
  • You don’t always feel valued or appreciated;
  • You have concerns about your health now and in the long-term;
  • You want to make time to reflect on what you really want from the next year, two years, five years.
  • You are longing for support, challenge and community from like-minded peers

What Does the Purposeful Educators Programme Include?

  1. Five real time group coaching calls of 90 minutes with me via Zoom Video;
  2. Peer coaching in your cohort of 8. You will be coaching each other throughout the weeks, supporting, acknowledging, encouraging and championing. This is what makes your progress really stick, and doing this journey in a group is key to its success;
  3. Personal support. Send me questions anytime during the course via WhatsApp and I’ll respond quickly;
  4. Private Facebook group for sharing files, materials, inspiration: you won’t be doing this work alone which is a huge support, you’ll be in a group of 6-8 participants supporting each others’ progress.
  5. A 60 minute one to one coaching conversation with your Faciliatator Naomi Ward or Chris Reddy, to support you as you take the steps you are longing to take.

For more information about the courses, and a free 30 minute coaching conversation about where you are now and what you’re longing for, contact the PurposefulEducator Founder at

The facilitated course costs £247.
The on-demand course is £85.
We offer payment plans so that you can access our programmes.